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Dream of surrealism

If the world was an Eden, that would be the Paradise of Vladimir Kush. This russian painter born in 1963 is one of my favorit artists. Since I discovred his paintings, I follow his new creations and that is always the confirmation of a great and an inexhaustible creativity. He has not forgotten that art must be a travel for everyone’s imagination, a thought, a dream. For this, he made the choice of surrealism. Seeing his work is a little bit thinking about the work of Magritte or Dali. There is the same poetry and metaphorical approach. He succeeds to associate things and twist the use or comprehension of our environnement. We want to believe that is real.

You must not see his work without an attention to every details. Behind each usual object or lanscape, a tresor can be hidden. That’s a double-meaning art. That’s more than beautiful, that’s intelligent art.

Is ist a nut ?  No, be attentive, come closer and you will see a lovely couple.

Walnut of Eden – Vladimir KUSH

Is it a piano ? Is it the wings of a betterfly ?

Moonlight Sonata – Vladimir KUSH

Is it scissors ? Is it a dance ?

Always Together – Vladimir KUSH

Is it a boat ? Is it a candle ? Is it a book ? Is it a shell ? Is it a flower ? The answer is never the one you would say at first glance.

I hope you will find in the following link the answers to the questions and all the wealth of those paintings and sculptures. Let’s dream !



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