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Der Bösendorfer Kuss

When the austrian Bösendorfer meet Klimt, that resonates as a loving tribute to austrian art and culture ; and also as a in memoriam for the artist’s birth, 150 years ago.

Klimt is certainly the most famous austrian painter of the “Jugendstil” and “Viennese Secession” period, and his kiss (1907-1908) has already embraced the world and charmed the public (exhibited in Belvedere Wien). Klimt gave to his work a golden sensuality. Floral, graphic, metaphorical, the characters are always  appearing throughout the ornements. This decoration ist not useless. She is like jewells, like the beautiest outfit. Klimt loves his characters and freed them from the context, from a prededermined decor. The eye of the spectator must not be distracted from the essential. Just look at the kiss and the look ist captivate, caught by it. You can fill the fluidity of bodies, like a unity. Gold seems to melt for this kiss, tender faces.

That is with this masterpiece that Bösendorfer follows a long tradition of pianos of art. This piano, in limited edition of 25 units (with some real golden elements), is announced to be the first of a new serie dedicated to artists. We are impatient to see the next compositions of Bösendorfer.

Bösendorfer has an historical interest for creating unique hand-made pianos. That’s part of the identity of one of the oldiest manufacture in the world. As I have a great interest for the period of 1900 in Austria, I especially like the piano designed by Joseph Hoffmann (Wiener Werkstätte) but other beautiful pecies deserve also our attention : Frank, Brüssel, Grosser or Hansen. An other category of pianos is the one of limited edition (such has the Klimt model) and is, in general, a tribute to composers (Mozart, Liszt models…) or austrian savoir-faire (Swarovski, Hallein models…). But Bösendorfer does not end here and also works with designers. I was particularly impressed by the piano realised with Audi. A real sports piano.

Bösendorfer has found the way to make from an instrument a work of art. Those pianos have already proved the quality of their sound ; but they also prove they can give more than music, they can give pleasure to all senses. You can feel the music like a shiver of pure crystal, a great preciseness in playing but also admirate the beauty of the instrument. That is an applied art, a complete evasion, a grand piano which makes us flying.

More than words, I invite you to follow the link in order to discover the great collection :


You can also find here some comments from Paul Badura-Skoda about the magic of Bösendorfer and here Valentina Lisitsa playing the “Heroic” of Chopin on a Bösendorfer :




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