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About Us

Who are the confidents?

We are a couple who found together over the internet for once, and have been using it since to share all kinds of stuff that interests us, fast and easily, over the borders between Austria and France, where all started for us.

Then two ideas hit us:

  • how to ensure, that we don’t forget all those things we show us daily after the second click closed the browser window
  • and: wouldn’t it be great to take part and help the internet to organise its informations?

Imagine a chair, where two people can sit in a manner that allows direct and convenient dialogue. Maybe a little table at each one’s reach with a cold drink; let’s say in a summer garden, light thunder somewhere in the distance, a scarabaeus rolls his ball in the grass, one browses a book of art, the other tries to construct a cercle, they talk and suddenly, the artwork shows the power of geometric forms, the cercle becomes a work of art and the dirtball a construction following universal laws. All through dialogue.

This experience of mutual enrichment has been the essence of our life together and on this blog, we want to share it. The original furniture of 19th century France can be and was indeed extended to the idea of a chair, where a great number of people can conveniently chat. It is called an “indiscret” in french and can be seen as a symbol for our communication today. (see our first entry)

The confidents are first of all the chairs, then the speakers: two at the beginning, but we have lots of seats to offer if you want to join the cause. Most of the content will be published in English, some in French and German. We will cover the fields of Arts, Crafts, the humanities and natural sciences.

You will find links to most of the things we share.

Most of our content is therefore not new, just put in the context of exchange and following the idea of free information, of open culture, if you will. (see this inspiring blog)

Every now and then however, we will publish some of our own works under the category “Confidential”; expect mostly music, drawings, writing for the moment.



Léonore and Olivier


4 comments on “About Us

  1. iarxiv
    July 16, 2012

    Hi – I’ve nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog Award 🙂
    Hope you accept it 🙂

  2. gonerustic
    August 9, 2012

    I like the idea of your both doing this blog for ‘mutual enrichment’ … now enriching us too! =D

  3. Pingback: Zhang Si’an — “Beijing Days” [music & Short Film] | Gharr

  4. miracletrain2013
    May 20, 2013

    I saw your comments on the “The Big Problem for MOOCs Visualized” – Open Culture. I couldn’t agree with you more – people don’t a certificate to show what they have learnt – a new skill or knowledge, people often forget how important is to apply what we’ve learnt. Such as Bunker Roy’s Barefoot College, they take students, primarily women from the poorest of villages and teach them to skills such as install build and repair solar lamps and waterpumps without requiring them to read or write. In extreme cases, there are students without verbal fluency in the languages of their teachers. What we sees here is providing adequate knowledge + transferable skills could change a person’s life.

    I also like your idea about help the Internet to organise its information a bit better. I am trying to think how analytics could helps people connects to the information they are needed at the right time, and stored in an archive where people can access it whenever they like.

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