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Flash of Flach : an animal world

Tim Flach or the art to raise the standing of animals : “More than human”.

This english photograph born in 1958 focalises for us his lens on the animal beauty. The animal appears in all his “humanity”, worthy of the portrait.

Each form, each color, each hair is treated with subtlety and respect of the dignity of animals.

Can an animal think ? I suppose we don’t know and I will not follow Descartes who maintained that the man is the only thinking being. What a pretentiousness ! Who knows, who can read in the hirn of those animals ? That is not because we don’t understand that we know. We already know, especially, that monkey have a great capicity to understand and express things.

Aren’t we animals ? We have lot to share with them.

Tim Flach works appears like a language between the man and the animal, a communion. That’s a testimony of love to animals. With Flach, the more miserable dog is lovely, he raises up the elegance of horse…

Everything is like a living matter and the spectator would nearly be jealous of so beautiful hairs …

… so beautiful wrinkles

… sometimes funny

… sometimes lovely

… sometimes elegant

…  tall … or small

… always beautiful

See more on the website of the artist following this link. Like a showroom, like a fashion show :



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