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Shrug Island – An Independent Pearl

Last week I met head developer of Amazu Media on twitter, an independent studio currently developing Shrug Islands. This confirmed both the existence of innovative ideas in video game creation … Continue reading

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Just a fairy tale !

Today I want to introduce one of my favorite illustrators… Fine, colorful and full of poetry and elegance…. From fashion to the most famous fairy tail such as The Little … Continue reading

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Walter Valentini – Abstract Art

Long before I was exposed for the first time to the internet and all the different endeavours contained therein, I saw works by Walter Valentini at the house of my … Continue reading

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Alien Food

Take a masterpiece of Archimboldo… Take an alien of H.R. Giger… Mix it… and you obtain a salad by Till Nowak !   See more on : http://www.framebox.com/art.htm  

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Generative Art 2

Yesterday I posted about generative art, especially videos picturing abstract forms that react in some thought-through way to music, the listener or just the programmer-artist. This morning I started a … Continue reading

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– Playing on a donut at 3 p.m.  – Going to the varnishing of a famous peanut sculptor at 6 p.m. – Dancing a waltz at 9 p.m. … this … Continue reading

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Virtual Intelligence – In a mushroom

Most of us will have heard the term signifying an artificial intelligence, that only resembles what we might call free will. It has it’s information processing hard coded and cannot … Continue reading

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