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Tailor-made Advertisement

Depending on your location you might be more or less accustomed to advertisement of the worst kind, that is commercials, which take you for a complete idiot. Lame gags, dumb aesthetics, boring storylines.

For this reason I normally wouldn’t write about advertisement, but coming from a background, which allows me to appreciate the craftsmanship behind the obvious wish to make profit, I want to showcase innovation, in whatever forms in comes around. And then, advertisement says much more about a company than it wishes to. Money well spend on actually letting you experience something utterly new and beautiful, is equivalent to saying: I’m selling you stuff and I’m grateful for you buying it!

Nothing uglier than a company, which lets you feel at every moment like an annoying stain on someone’s shoe, right?

So here a creative studio, which provides such high profile advertisement: Korb, Lithuania.

Let me give you some stills, not betraying any corporate identity, but I advise you highly to go to their website and browse through their demo reels. Fantastic digital art.

korb_1 korb_2 korb_3

As an aside, let me also mention the sound designing studio Echolab, with which Korb often cooperates. Sounddesign is something that people don’t think much about, even though the sound of your car’s door, your Isomething booting up, your attractive GPS helper sending you into a river… most likely has it’s roots in someone’s head. At any rate, they have also worked on some interesting surreal film projects like these two:




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