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I am singing in the rain…

After a quite long absence, I am happy to annonce that Olivier and I are back for new confidences.

Even though a silence of almost six months, we have collected some ideas and some art to share.

However, in order to introduce this new beginning of our blog, I will make a post about a  seasonal accessorize… the umbrella.

Often forgotten…

Who never run into the streets, trying to escape an enexpected rain… too late you are soaked ! … Or who never fought against a diabolic wind… with a sad, cheap and fragil ombrella… too late it is already brocken… you are soaked ! … and your neighbour has already lost an eye…

The umbrella must not be so neglected ! The ombrella can be a fantastic accessorize, as important as a bag… a jewell ! And it is not just a “woman’s thing” ! Let’s try a new dandism !

While the fashion week is occuring in Paris this week, I take the opportunity to introduce you a more confidential side of fashion : the art of the ombrella !!

I begin with the umbrellas of Guy de Jean. These are hand-made pieces for his own brand, for Chantal Thomass, Jean-Paul Gaultier or even for personalised needs and presents…

Guy de Jean 2013 12



Chantal Thomass




Jean-Paul Gaultier

Guy de Jean 2013 3

Guy de Jean 2013 11 Guy de Jean 2013 7

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