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Dalton Ghetti – What minimalism should be

After a silence of several months, in my case nearly a year, we’re back with full drive and a backpack filled to the brim with interesting discoveries and ideas worth sharing.

Now the first thing I want to cable around the backbones of the world, is the work of Dalton Ghetti.

Ghetti is an US american artist, who sculptures nothing more exotic than the lead core of pencils. The results are tiny, of course, but breathtakingly detailed and imaginative. Normally Ghetti can be seen in expositions in Canada and the US, but until August, there is an exposition in the Halle Saint Pierre in Paris, just behind Sacre Coeur.

Here are some samples from his wonderful output. Luckily, reduced size does not have to equal reduced imaginitive verve! It is really only the dimensions, that are minimalistic in Ghetti’s endeavour.


Ghetti2 Ghetti3 Ghetti1 Ghetti4


Ghetti’s Homepage: DaltonGhetti


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