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Mrs Récamier…

Following the courses I have followed in coursera, I wanted to make a reintepretation of the famous “Madame Récamier” of Jacques-Louis David.

I used the rechnique of the collage that allowed me to recreate an atmosphere, playing with pictures of magazins (fashion and decoration) like an architect of interior with furniture. Quite a funny experience.

Mrs Récamier is in the stairs (Fantom Serie 1)



For this work, I used several symbols like the Chaise Longue (also called “Méridienne”). I wanted to leave just a cat on it… Is Mme Récamier missing ?

At the front, a sculpture represents Mrs Récamier, prisoner of the Bronze, fixed by the art and the history.

The decoration makes a contrast between classissm and modernity… Intemporal like Mrs Récamier.

An other woman, an other chair… did Mrs Récamier change position ? This is just the new owner of Mrs Récamier’s flat. She lives there with the fantom of Mrs Récamier floating in the air, everywhere. Mrs Récamier appears as a dark beauty in the stairs.

Mrs Récamier is eternal.


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