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Nude, Art, Censorship… an eternal renewal

The subject of this post came with the new exhibition of the Leopold Museum in Vienna about “Nackte Männer”… exhibition for which the posters are censored because of the nudity of three men. What an era accepts, an other desagrees… a perpetual circle…


This censorshop rises the question of the freedom of the artist and the renewal of taboos through the ages. Each era has put limits to the decency, given the definiton of the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugliness…

Ecole de platon


At a time in which the modesty seems to have, sometimes excessively, . With the explosion of internet and extreme speed communication… With the permanent exhibition of the women’s body as a quasi object… Some barriers seem to remain before the men’s nudity.

L'art face à la censure

Hiding… a denial of what the nature is ? A bar to forbid, a drape to hide, a vine’s leaf… an eternal illusion ? Even hidden, people know what it refers to and finally the forbidden catches the attention…. when censorship turns in an unvolontary publicity…


Michel-Ange, Gustave Courbet, Caravaggio, Picasso… the barriers always fall…and art must play with the limits.

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