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Today for something completely different. Let’s take a peek into creative game design.

As I am momentarily occupied with physics and astronomy, Leonore showed me a puzzle-arcade game, that is all about bending colored particle beams into some kind of energy sources, which generate wonderful ambient music, when you are successful. Now before you leave this post alone thinking that arcade games is something for beginning game developers and wanna-be programmers, let me say: this game is beautiful!

Furthermore, music, design, idea all originate from the same two people and even though they have already gained various awards, they still deserve more attention, because frankly, the game industry is stuck in clichés apart from very few exceptions.

What makes me so euphoric? The last time I played arcade games, was about 10 years ago – no.
But I think of computer games as the most advanced form of art. As a developer, you have more possibilities to influence reality in general, and the reality of your audience in particular, than in any other art form, including the psyche of the gamer; that is even one step further than the movies. Thus, I judge computer games by standards of aesthetics and originality, which means I search for thought-through concepts and apt, intriguing realization. For most games, judgement will commence with the story and it’s development, the atmosphere within, the game flow. In this case, the game design is completely abstract, you have no manual, no instructions, no real goal – the only motivation is to complete a level, to see a firework of colored light and hear some pleasant music.

Whether you are as easily delighted as me, in need for cheap but good ambient music or you’re just looking for some evolutionary change in your iPhone-fauna, take a look at this.
The developers themselves, promise to deliver quality products, as they have already launched 4 similar games I believe, created on a very limited budged gathered over the internet and create enjoyment with minimal means. That is usually the hardest thing to achieve as an artist.
I’m providing you with some screens, a link to their blog and to the demo version of “Auditorium”. Their games can be found via steam, for moderate prices.
Cipher Prime is currently working on a sequel to “Auditorium”, where you can play together with your friend to check who is the more savvy part of your domestic equation. As far as I’m concerned, I know it’s on the other side of this blog, but we will play it anyway.





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