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A romantic symphony

Today I wake up still without knowing what I would write in my first post of the day. Then I searched for some music to hear and …. it was quite an evidence… I must write about Victorin de Joncières.

I don’t know if lot of people know him but I must admit I didn’t know him. However, what an offense !!! 

Victorin de Joncières, born in 1839, was a french music critic but also a componist (that gives more value to his critic). He wrote operas and operetta but also a romantic symphony. That is an impetuous music influenced by german style (Wagner, Mendelssohn…) but absolutely unique. In France, de Joncières is really singular and his music can not be compared to the ones of his time.

We unfortunately have nearly no records of his work and I think that it’s a real pity ! There is so much to feel with this music !

We can hope that de “Festival of the Second Empire to the Third Republic” last april will give a new life to his work and that we will have the occasion to hear more of him in concerts and, I hope, a record.  

If someone knows a record you can let a comment.

I can just add this to make you discover and appreciate :




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This entry was posted on June 19, 2012 by in Music.
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