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Portrait of a century : ANTIOS

You already know my passion for Schiele and the period 1900 in Vienna.

Also, it is quite naturally that I add  a post about one of the best testimony we have of this time and those people. Thanks to Anton Josef Trcka, we meet those artists, this new century as we would have lived with them.


I wanted to introduce this work because it is thanks to Anton Josef Trcka that I began drawing, making portraits. Because he is like the witness of a time I would like to have experienced. I know this period was not just a dream but I find there the roots of my interests and inspiration.

 From Schiele to Klimt, he meets the myths and lives the expressionism.

A documentation for ou memories.

Professor Karel Novak

A tribute.

This czech photographer born in 1893 has introduced the possibilities of photography. Actual artists who make nudes photos are the heirs (in my opinion), of Trcka or Koppitz.

A piece of history !


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