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Born innocent

I must say I am not really keen on babies. I think everyone has already met one of those people who can admirate, nearly beatific, a new born and say : “oh he/she is so beautiful…”. Is it so difficult to admit that a baby is not the best example of beauty ? They are already traumatise to meet our world and, like it was not enough, the first things they hear is an hypocrisy ?

But I must admit that the work of the australian photographer, Anne Geddes, born in 1956, is a success. Babies are used as a symbol of fragility and innocence.

And how will they evolute those innocents ?

Everyone was a baby, a child. Everyone changes for the best and the worse.

A baby is not dangerous. Just a peaceful, carefree being. Be a baby is the beautiest time of life : nothing to do, just sleep and be loved.

Anne Geddes, beyond the contrast man/baby like force/fragility, like a filiation, an evolution, a renewal ; makes compositions with the nature : flowers, animals.


Inventive and pure.

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