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Textile over skin

Jeweler, designer, stylist …. ? Who is Tzuri Gueta ?

Tzuri Gueta by Philip Neufeldt

I discovred this israeli artist when I heard about an exhition in Paris last year : “Je rêve”. That was so unique and surprising that I was won by his creativity : “I dream”.

Tzuri Gueta is told to be a textile designer but he is really more than this. He is a dreamer who shares his dreams. His work is based on a there particular raw material : the silicone. That allows lot of extravagance as it is a fine matrial. He can create volume (bead, devored, molding, reptile technique…) as well as a new kind of lace (laser technique).  

His inspiration comes from the nature and he seems to be the creator of coral, snakes, shells… : vegetable, mineral, animal !

Tzuri Gueta for Givenchy

He creates jewels (under the brand “Silka Design”) but also work in cooparation with stylists (Givenchy, Christian Lacroix, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler). His visionary textile (patented technique) is greatly combinated to traditional materials like lace or silk : integrated jewels that give a wild character. Be beautiful !

Tzuri Gueta for Jean-Paul Gaultier 

Tzuri Gueta for Christian Lacroix

But his talent does not end here. He uses his creativity and technique not just to decorate the body but also to decorate our interiors, especially with a fabulous rainy ceiling light.

Lustre Perles de pluie

Tzuri Gueta, “Je rêve”, Paris

To see more about this incredible and innovative artist, this futuristic “UFO” of textile design :



Also in his gallery in Paris since 2011.


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