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SHE : Metapher !

In the continuity of the posts about photos as a means of sculpturing the body, I introduce you a french photographer born in 1932 : Jean-Jacques André. He is certainly less in the sculpture style (that we already have, Olivier and I, introduced you) but he is in the metapher, symbolism. He likes the woman’s body as a “raw material” and captures the silhouette with the same poetic and imaginative look as painters and sculptors like Bernini  (especially my favorite of him : Apollo and Daphne where you see the woman transforming into a willow to avoid Apollo) or Jean-Léon Gérôme (especially his Pygmalion and Galatée).

His work is Kafkaïen with mutations, transformations like in the Ovide Metamorphosis. He makes from the woman an allegory, a creature, semi-human, semi-divine ; nymph.

Marble, bronze, the woman integrates the work of art. The beautiest example is the picture composed over the Gates of Hell of Rodin. Wonderful.

Forget the time …

 And see more about his work ; a 55 years retrospective :



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