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Loosing gravity 2

After the post I made about Melvin Sokolsky I wanted to continue with an other russian artist born in 1980 who plays with our gravity : Anka Zhuravleva. 

Everything seems to begin with a simple jump in a bed. But is this woman really falling down or is she starting to levitate. Anka Zhuravleva puts an image on our obsessive dream of flying.

Just moving and no more feeling the weight is certainly the abolition of the gravitational prison which fixes us to the floor. We are the prisoners sentenced to an eternal way to go round in circles ; magnet of the earth. Planes give us some liberty but not yet the absolute sensation of loosing gravity. Some tests are made in this way to recapture the lunar weightlessness.

Just think on what the life on the moon, freed from the gravity and its torture for the body would be. No more cannonball to your leg … just flying, swimming in the air. The human is light and wins the eternal youth because he knows no wear anymore.

Each new movement possible in this overhead danse.

A new art would born. A new art is born in the poetic pictures of Anka Zhuravleva.

Discover more of her work on : http://anka-zhuravleva.com/


2 comments on “Loosing gravity 2

  1. danielwalldammit
    June 8, 2012


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