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Horse Show

As every young girl I had a particular affection for horses. I also practiced the horse riding until a fall that made me forget the carefree attitude towards this sport. I was too scared to continue. But I do not forget what I like in horses : this elegance and this way they have to adopt a noble posture, balanced, nearly condescending. I especially like the thoroughbreds, and even more the arabian horse. This animal has served human beings needs with more loyalty as any other animals (means of locomotion, help for hunting or farming…) ; maybe the human’s best friend, even more than the dog. But horses have always something unforseeable, mysterious.

Horses take an important place in art : glorious sculpture, paintings… They give a feeling of power and greatness to the subject (especially when dedicated to the triumph of a King or Emperor) with lot of codes in the meanings of position of the horse’s legs (for example when all legs are on the floor, the person is dead from a natural death and not during a fight…), even if lot of sculptors have decided not to follow those codes (for example when you notice the different statues of Louis XIV which have several positions).

With this post, I also want you to appreciate the beautiful work of one of the most renowned french photographer : Yann Arthus Bertrand. He is known for the aerial pictures he made of the earth but here I want to focus on the horses’ serie.

If you want to see more about his work : http://www.yannarthusbertrand.org/

And if you like horses, I invite you to go back to my post about Tim Flach and to visit his website (serie “Equus”) : http://www.timflach.com/


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