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On the tree’s bark

As an introduction to this new post, I will quote a poem from Jacques Prévert :

Quand la vie est une forêt,

Chaque jour est un arbre

Quand la vie est un arbre

Chaque jour est une branche

Quand la vie une branche

Chaque jour est une feuille.


When life is a forest

Each day is a tree

When life is a tree

Each day is a branch

When life is a branch

Each day is a leaf

This poem summs up for me what a tree symbolizes for the humanity. We can think about the expression of tree of life (also as a religious symbol) which has influenced art during centuries. Or we can think about the symbol of the genealogic trees. A tree is life, his sap as blood in his veins. He lives, grows, express the passing of the time, season over seasons ; a changing beauty.

He gives us the joy of the early spring. He gives us fruits and shade. He gives us flaming hills in fall. He gives us the melancholy, the poetic slowness of winter … He gives us paper to draw, to write, to read, to cut…

As for my post “a natural beauty” about the photography of flowers by Edvard Koinberg accross the seasons, I wanted here to show you again that the first inspiration and art comes from the nature as a life cycle. Just open your eyes and look around you, there is beauty and art everywhere. Live your environment like the biggest and richest Museum of the world. Be the visitors of the earth.

The photos of Cédric Pollet, his work about barks, is a praise to the glory of trees. He offers us a look on the essence of essential. There is no paintings, no drawings, just the action of the nature. Just the way it goes, spontaneous. The pictures of Pollet are a testimony, a tribute to the tree.

Some people draw hearts on the bark of a tree to see their love growing as the tree grows. Cédric Pollet has found the tree that kisses. Wonderful !

If you want to discover more about this french artist follow the link : http://www.cedric-pollet.com/site/

A world botanical travel !


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