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Alpine Photography

Mountains have always fascinated me. They are majestic, awe-inspiring, and can be litterally breath-taking.
My favourite poem by Shelley is about Mont Blanc. A great deal of the german romantic movement relied on the aesthetic power of mountains and they were one of the two great inspirations for William Turner:

here picturing the St. Gothard passage in Switzerland. Shortly before the dawn of romanticism, leading scholars started to feel the magnetic force, that exceptional natural phenomena exert to our immagination. It was first Edmund Burke who wrote about this value of the awe inspiring: through the aesthetic experience of awe, our mind becomes humble and eager at once. Humble facing the uncontrolable and eager to control it to some extent still.

There are many beautiful mountains and the central european are of course among the smaller specimen. But still, we haven’t constructed anything like them yet:

Imagine that bridge, Shelley was standing on, the cold, fresh air, some rapid water and an eagle and you will get into the right mood to muse about Mont Blanc:

Or here on the right sight a more artistic depiction of the Swiss Matterhorn with lake:

More humble, but still easily recognizable for us Austrians: Großglockner, our highest mountain.

I found these images in the huge collection of alpine photography on flickr.com -> here’s the link!

And now to the point. While looking for a picture for my article about the Philippine law-case, i stumbled on the very young homepage by Andi Platen, german photographer, who concentrates on the alps. It is one thing to feel the presence of a mountain, while standing right before it; quite another to snapshot its form and remember the events of last winter’s trip. But it is difficult to capture the feeling with your camera. I think Platen does this very well and even though there are at this moment only a few pictures on his page, they give a good impression of what this photographer is capable of. Let’s hope for more of those:

Here is the link to his homepage:

Let me add one last hint. The classic photographer of this kind, is Ansel Adams. In case you shouldn’t know him already, here’s the link.


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