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Russian Melancholy

As some of you like photography, it was unavoidable for me to write about my favorite photograph : Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev, born in Moscow in 1962.

The black and white and sepia effect of his photos gives a malncholy air to his work ; quiet.

He offers us a singular and poetic look on Russia. There is no more enigmatic and mystical place.  But what I especially like in his work is the way he treats the feminine beauty with decency and a nonchalance of an other century. The “Cards” and “Sensuality” series convey a vintage atmosphere and the feeling to enter a private room of a woman, an elegant of the XIXth century and the early XXth century. A look into the lock of the door, silent. A beautiful age.

His serie about “Hands” is also fabulous for me because I think that is the beautiest part of the human body. Art comes from the hand and that is the key of expression. Touch, feel, create !

Much more to see on :



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