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Loosing gravity

Back to photography with an excellent american photograph and film director born in 1938 : Melvin Sokolsky.

Did you ever want to fly ? Did you ever want to live in your own bubble, in and out of the world ? The creatures of Sokolsky have this chance of this air beauty, nearly inaccessible.

That is the “Bubble” series of 1963 that he made for the Harper’Bazaar, as a famous fashion photograph. Like a myth, divin, weman appear like human birds. There is no gravity anymore, just a dream, light. They are like under a spacesuit to observe the earth and its inhabitants, protected. They are like cosmonauts, travellers of the atmosphere. I hope Olivier will appreciate this astronomy metaphor. 

This work is sparkling like a glass of Champagne ; heady.

Also in other photos he made, appart of the “Bubble” series, there is still a feeling of weightlessness. That is a positive feeling to look those pictures as the mood seems to follow the creatures in ascension.

His advertising work was saluted and he won more than two Clio Awards as a consecration.

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