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For those who liked my first post about Peter Callesen, you will certainly like this one about Brian Dettmer. The spirit is the same but the approach he has of paper is quite different. His raw material is not a sheet but books. He is in downstream of the paper course. He gives a new life to a book. That is no more just a book to read but a book to see, to exhibit, to admirate.

I find this artistic approach even more interesting that I love books and what they mean for the culture, for the imagination. I am really sorry to see that they suffer from the competition of digital books. I am not reluctant to modernity and new technologies but I have a sentimental approach of books. A book is like a friend, a member of the family. You meet a book. He tells you a story. You live some times with him. You like (or not) his story. You are sometimes sorry that the story ends and to live him but you still have the satisfaction to have this book, close to you, in a bookshelf. Sometimes you come back to him, nostalgic, to read his story one more time.

For me, a book is not just a book but a decorative object, in all its nobility. More especially, I think about so beautiful bindings… but that’s an other theme I will treat in an other post.

Concerning Brian Dettmer, he expresses greatly this idea that a book must not be neglected but honored as a masterpiece. He makes from books, sculptures as the story comes out, takes life.

He is like the surgeon of the book and shows us what we never see under the cover : the entrails of the book (even over the illustrations). In french we say, when a book is good : “dévorer un livre” but here, that we are devoured by those books, captivated. Form and content : a great concept !

Let’s see his … books :



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