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A minute ago I published an essay for you about the galactic scope of an orchestral chord.

Luckily I’m not alone with this kind of thinking. I want to present you some young digital artists, that share my interest in the future.

The most fascinating is surely tigaer: His Homepage

He uses Photoshop to paint and 3D designing software like Vue and 3ds Max to create urban visions of a future civilization, that could be human kind, if our literary and cinematic dreams of our evolution should proof trustworthy:

(you will need to click on them to see a larger version;)

tigaers DeviantART page: click here

Another user of this community has recently started a series, which combines classical, maybe even nostalgically rural subjects with light futurism: resenhista. Those of you who know about Lem’s “robotic fairy tales” will recognise this idea.

rpowell77 creates some interesting animals: they all seem possible, plausible, even though they are pure fantasy. At about the beginning of the 20th century, german poet Christian Morgenstern published a poem about an animal, that was walking on his nose. He inspired a biologist to send a paper to a peer reviewed serious journal, claiming that he had discovered this same, supposedly prehistoric animal. And it was edited as a book by a renowned scientific publisher. See here!

Umbraxias by rpowell77:

Now all of this is momentarily just childrens play, but like every game (Huizinga!), it’s the preparation for something possibly real. There is only the step of studying science intensely, that separates pure fiction from actual scientific discovery. And as for designing animals: we have already discovered nature’s system of composition, there is no way back. One day we will create life, as we create music, architecture, land art. It will become a perfectly normal branch of design.


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