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Novembre inhabitants

That was quite obvious for me to open this desgin category with Fabio Novembre.

Yesterday Olivier and I have already introduced the work of Andreas Bitesnich and Marc Hoppe. With Fabio Novembre we are no more in the photography but we can find a comparable artistic approach in design . This italian designer and architect, as the previous photographs I mentionned, trusts the body as a whole. With him, we enter the three-D and we accept to live the interior as a cohabition with those new inhabitants. He creates an army of clones, semi-humans, ready to invade our homes and spaces. Just do not resist !

Design is everywhere … You are everywhere … Master/Actor of the decor : human body …

I always particularly appreciated the design possibilities that a chair can offer. When I first saw the “Him & Her” chairs of Novembre, I was so enthousiast because I thought that it was THAT, what I have always expected from design. Living an interior is feeling yourself integrated in it ; an interioir that suits you. With “Him & Her”, Novembre found the absolute and unthought-of complementarity between the furniture and the user ; between beauty and usefulness. The material he uses allows to give a realistic impression and to differenciate the “Him” from the “Her” ; a new skin.

Colors and finitions (lacquered…) also allows to personify the furniture to the needs and inclinations of buyers.

That’s naturally provocative but that the way design, creation and innovation must be !

Fabio Novembre has also made a “Divina” as a sleeping figure on a “méridienne” chair. I would say that is like a modern interpretation of  “Madame Récamier” of Jacques-Louis David.  

And his “Nemo” appears like an enigmatic face, a venetian dream, anonymous beauty, antique, eternal.

Let’s have an eye … or a seat there :







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