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The “Animalitudes”. That is the universe of Sylvia Karle-Marquet.

Some artists have tried to create an “animal human” but often fall into kitsch. Sylvia Karle-Marquet has found a personal originality in a surrealist style. She follows the satirical way of describing the society and human beings as Jean de La Fontaine in his time. Sometimes it shocks people. I will here tell you about an anecdote when I discovered her work in a gallery. The exhibition was really good but, like in every exhibition, there was people speeking about art but cannot understand art. They were making a scandal in the gallery because the artist choosed to make the Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci with animal faces. As I said in a previous post about Fabio Novembre : provocation is the key of art and innovation.

She puts a face on the words she writes. Each of her portraits have a morality (a sentence in the corner) that summs up the state of mind, the meaning, of the picture.

In her work, Sylvia Karle-Marquet uses heads of animals (more espacially cats that she particularly succeeds to represent in all their nobility and enigmatic air) with human bodies. Her work is always an evocation to existent famous paintings (between XVth and XVIIIth century). But she adds her “touch” with symbols, surrealist : ladybird, mouse, “snail-mouse”, bird, checkerboard, origami, cards, egg … and somethimes you will find her : two eyes with glasses (often in an egg).

She offers us a beautiful travel in time, in history and in an imaginary world. With her paintings, I feel like Alice in Wonderland. I just would like not to wake up from this dream. Derision and humor.

She can also personnalize the portraits on request.

I let you appreciate her work. She does not have a personal website (as far as I know) but I give you links to some gallerys :





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