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Sculpturing the human body

Both of us love this exceptional photographer, who has the unique ability to sculpture the human body into a timeless artistic expression. Andreas Bitesnich, working in Vienna, surely doesn’t need our publicity, but I do think that you need to know him.

He is best known for his “nudes” of which he has published several books, and most people focus on the strong erotic quality of his images (like this blog). But Bitesnich has also published on travel photography, which books I count among the best on this topics, as he expresses through his lense social commentary, draws attention to the beauty of other countries and show emphatically the equality of all human beings.

As for his books, if you should wish to buy one, I strongly recommend to do so in a bookshop. Some of them are rather annoyingly designed, so that great pictures are extended over two pages with the cut just in the most interesting part of the image, or just can’t maintain the aesthetic level of his chefs-d’oeuvres, which are scattered between many good, but not exceptional shots. This counts especially for his female nudes. The travel publications however are gorgeous and and from my perspective his work about “Forms” – In all books, there are some truely timeless breathtaking captures. Naturally I can’t show you much of them, just a few of my favourites:

A nude from 1997:

Sina and Anthony:

Yvonne and Tom:

This is my absolute favourite. My brain cercles around this photo, because:
This is my absolute favourite!

What do you say? If you like him, here some more: 


This was an exhibition at Westlicht Gallery, Vienna, some years ago (more examples):


And his own homepage: http://www.bitesnich.com/


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