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Sculpturing the human body 2

Following the post of Olivier, I will manage to introduce you an other artist that we like. To say everything, when Olivier sent me the pictures of Andreas Bitesnich, I was (and am always) completely enthrolled by his work. A new fantastic discovery “made in Austria”. Since this time, I spent more time to understand the photographic art and its potential, and I found there a world. Photography gives me the impression that we are not to the end of the art possibilities. Modernity can still make something throughout photographic art.

After this, it takes me quite long time to find an answer that would have a quality comparable to the “culture gift” of Olivier. That is certainly with Marc Hoppe that I found this opportunity.

This photograph of Berlin also makes from the human body the “raw material” of his work. Is it a picture or a sculpture ? Is it skin or bronze ? We find in his photos the essence of the human beauty : raw state, nude, original. The body is a malleable material, always renewable. He trusts it. There is sensuality without vulgarity. Just the touch of light like a caress of each line, limb, joint… It puts the light on human beauty in a single and elementar way : to be. No accessories, no disguise … balance.

The way he hides the face is a fine way to express the universality of the “anonymous”. We are all anonymous and we all feel this work because we are not amused by a personnality. We focalise on the gesture, on this living stillness : universal beauty.

A body as a material. A body as choregraphy. A body as structure. A body as architecture. A body as sculpture. A body as a whole.

We are human ! We are a body ! We are equal : a sleeping beauty … a beauty to express !

To see his website :



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