Le Confident

Ideas tête-à-tête

What is a confident?


A confident is not just the person you can speak with, about everything, without any restrictions ; confidence as a gift and share of knowledge. That is also a chair designed for two persons sitting vis-à-vis, allowing them to engage in intimate discourse.
This concept of “double chair” is not a new idea but finds its roots in the “Napoléon III” furniture style. Its original form, under the french Second Empire, was close to the letter “S” and was also known under several names such as : “tête-à-tête”, “vis-à-vis”, or “causeuse” (as it was facilitating this kind of discussion, face to face for a “causerie”). When there is more than two seats, this chair is named “indiscret”. Here is the borderline beetween confidence and indiscretion. As Amédée Pichot wrote : “From a confidence to an indiscretion there is just the distance from a mouth to an ear”. Not surprising that this chair has crossed the ages and inspired artists (such as Dali http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Sofa_dali.jpg) or designers (sea picture “Tête-à-tête Rocker” from Laurie Beckerman Collection 2007 http://www.lauriebeckerman.com/New_Collection_2.html).

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